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About Educate for Protection

Infringement Notices

Small Business Consultant & Advocate

An Advocate for small businesses who do not have a voice in the State and Federal Government Corporations.

Teaching Individuals how to protect themselves against the Corporations.

Provide and offer Australian Independent Businesses with a VOICE to Government, and continuing involvement in economic relations.

To hold State and Australian Government accountable to the State and Australian Electors reduce the size and complexity of Government, and consequently –

  • Reduce or eliminate onerous and unnecessary taxes, levies and charges imposed by ALL State & Federal Governments.
  • To have effective member representation in EVERY electorate in Australia, and put pressure on ALL politicians to recognize and take ACTION on the concerns of small business in their area, which represent the majority sectors of the Australian Economy, and employment.
  • Directly reduce the costs and protect the Sales Value of small businesses by direct involvement in tenancy, franchising, contracting, planning, banking, fair trading and associated policies of ALL governments.
  • To lobby and assist Independent Businesses to have fair and natural justice in Australian Courts, and equality before the law under the ‘Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act’, 2006 (Vic) and the Constitution of the Commonwealth Act, 1900 (Cth) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1980 (UN).